PASEC: 6th grade students by mathematics proficiency level (%). Level 3

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  • Catalog: Yearly from 2014 to 2014
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    Share of 6th grade students scoring at least 609.6 on the PASEC mathematics scale. Students at Level 3 have reached the Sufficient Competency Threshold. They are able to answer arithmetic and measurement questions that require them to analyze situations and decide on the appropriate approach. In arithmetic, they can solve problems involving fractions or decimal numbers, and in measurement, they can solve problems involving surface area or perimeter calculations. Pupils can find data on a diagram prior to calculating distances. They are also able to perform calculations and conversions involving hours, minutes and seconds. Data were published for this indicator beginning with PASEC 2014. Consult the PASEC website for more detailed information:

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      • Benin
      • Burkina Faso
      • Burundi
      • Cameroon
      • Chad
      • Congo, Rep.
      • Cote d'Ivoire
      • Niger
      • Senegal
      • Togo