PASEC: 2nd grade students by mathematics proficiency level (%). Level 1

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  • Catalog: Yearly from 2014 to 2014
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    Percentage of 2nd grade students scoring at least 400.3 but lower than 489 on the PASEC mathematics scale. Students at Level 1 have not passed the Sufficient Competency Threshold, but they have developed their knowledge of the mathematical language and mastered the first concepts of quantity (quantification, comparison) with objects and numbers under twenty. They can appraise the relative size of objects, recognize simple geometric shapes. They have developed an awareness of the first concepts of spatial orientation (inside, outside). Data were published for this indicator beginning with PASEC 2014. Consult the PASEC website for more detailed information:

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      • Benin
      • Burkina Faso
      • Burundi
      • Cameroon
      • Chad
      • Congo, Rep.
      • Cote d'Ivoire
      • Niger
      • Senegal
      • Togo