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Data Hub

Full access to data from 100+ sources XX
Powerful search XX
Charting and data visualization XX
Comparison of data sets XX
Data download (Excel, CSV) XX
Export charts (PPT, PNG, PDF, SVG) XX
Live data feeds (R, Excel) XX
Embedding interactive charts XX
Topic pages XX
Document search (PDF, PPT, DOC) X
Custom embeds X
Customized home page X
Group and user management X
Group sharing X
Fine-grained access controls X
Integration of proprietary/custom data sources X
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Visualize and share data for free

Everything you need to find and visualize the data you need is right here at your fingertips and totally free. For some features to work you will need to register (for free).

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Premium data

Premium datasets such as market research, financial market data, and analyst forecasts are available to any subscriber regardless of subscription plan. Prices for access to premium datasets vary. Prices are displayed before purchase.

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API access

DataMarket has a powerful API that allows users to access any data from the data catalog programmatically.

This opens a wide range of posibilities for businesses and individuals to write applications on top of the vast collection of data available on DataMarket, or integrate to already existing systems such as Business Intelligence systems, Content Management Systems or web applications.

The DataMarket API is a REST-ful API that returns results in JSON or CSV format. See the DataMarket API documentation for technical details.

For data publishers



Data Delivery Engine

Publish data XX
Sell data XX
Embed interactive charts XX
Your own publisher page XX
Automated data updates X
Custom embeds X
Dashboards X
Branded profile X
Advanced user management X
Running on 3rd party domain X
Integration with your web site X
Single sign-on integration X
Full site branding X
Support Email Email & 24h hotline
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