The Team


Hjalmar Gislason, Founder and CEOHjalmar Gislason

Hjalmar is a successful entrepreneur, founder of four software companies since 1996. Prior to launching DataMarket, Hjalmar worked on new media and business development for companies in the Skipti Group (owners of Iceland Telecom) following their acquisition of his search startup - Spurl. DataMarket is based largely on Hjalmar's vision to make the world's data easier to find and understand.

Gunnlaugur Briem, CTOGunnlaugur Briem

Since 1996, Gunnlaugur has been writing and designing software at Dimon Software, National Bank of Iceland and several other companies, punctuated by a stint as an investment analyst. He holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, teaches a course in that field at the University of Iceland each year, and has received excellence-in-teaching awards at both institutions. Gunnlaugur offers broad technical expertise as well as a skill and zeal for instructing and motivating others.

Other key employees

Agnar Jón Ágústsson, Sales and Marketing

Borgar Þorsteinsson, Lead Programmer

Josh Boyle, VP Sales

Karl Jóhann Jóhannsson, Developer

Matt Riggott, Developer

Michael Marolda, Sales

Pawel Bartoszek, Data Editor

Páll Hilmarsson, Developer

Viðar Másson, Developer

Þorlákur Lúðvíksson, Data Visualization Specialist

Þorvaldur Arnar Þorvaldsson, Developer

Þorsteinn Yngvi Guðmundsson, VP Operations

Team strategy and open positions

We believe in a small, agile team of exceptional quality. We want our work to be both challenging and entertaining - and make the world a better place while at it.

We do not have any open positions at the moment, but if you believe you are particularly well suited to become a part of the team nevertheless, please send an email to, telling us why you're the right person for us.