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Best Service and Information Website 2010
SVEF (The Icelandic Web Industry Society)

Most Interesting Website 2010 (voted for by members of The Icelandic Web Industry Society)
SVEF (The Icelandic Web Industry Society)

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"In short, [DataMarket Energy Portal] sounds like the energy reporter’s dream tool."
Jeff St. John – GreenTech Enterprise

“Impressive, and interesting.”
The Guardian technology blog

“…the category DataMarket has stepped in has a huge global demand. People are sick of having to do a Google search to find information scattered across pages of the search engines and we searchers aren’t even sure whether this data is reliable enough or not. With DataMarket doing the hard work of pulling the facts and data from reliable sources, the job is eased to a large extent for anyone on the lookout for useful information.”

“This looks deeply awesome!”
Another Word For It

“Another lovely set of data appears on the web.”


“the coolest tidbit of nerdporn EVER”

“very very impressive new data service”

“This looks like a seriously good tool”

“Great new source for stats and data”

“Great stuff”

“Certainly finding interesting data there!! Fun to have it so easily accessible in one client instead of looking everywhere”
“A superb platform for analyzing 100M+ time-series of data”

“I’m going to be addicted to @datamarket for the next few hours!”

“DataMarket: great source of data from UN World Bank & others.”

“Datamarket looks quite cool, dunnit?”

“Blimey! Datamarket looks really impressive”

“If you’re looking for statistical data, chances are that you’ll find them on @datamarket”

“Wolfram alpha eat your heart out”

“This is really great idea guys , I’m sure this will help many Organization around the world , well done”

“In love with [DataMarket's] smart statistics!!”

“Working with analysis? Ever needed numbers for that businessplan? This is your tool!”