About DataMarket

About DataMarket

DataMarket helps professionals find and understand data. We bring complex and diverse data together in one place and one format so it can be searched, compared, visualized and shared – across teams, organizations or with the world.

DataMarket gives enterprises a comprehensive view of their business environment. With syndicated, proprietary and public data at users’ fingertips, plans and decisions are based upon the best information available. Information companies use our technology to deliver data more efficiently and make it more engaging and valuable to their customers.

DataMarket is licensed to enterprises and data publishers as a white-label SaaS solution and includes seamless access to our ever-expanding collection of facts and figures from leading global data providers.

Searching and visualizing public data on datamarket.com is free of charge and open to all. By just signing up, anyone can find data, upload their own, purchase premium content and share their findings.

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DataMarket ehf. is a privately held company, incorporated in Iceland in June 2008. DataMarket, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DataMarket ehf. incorporated in Delaware, USA in January 2012.

Declaration of principles

At DataMarket we take data seriously. We are committed to doing our best to communicate the data we work with in the most objective, understandable and clear way possible.

To guide our decision making, state to our partners and customers, and remind ourselves of this commitment we’ve written our very own “Declaration of Principles” (in the spirit of Citizen Kane). The declaration reads as follows:

We respect data

  • We will remain impartial and unbiased.
  • We will deliver to users the same data we received from the data provider.
  • We will never taint the presentation of data with value judgments.

Our performance is impressive

  • We will never let users wait more than two seconds.
  • We will never cut corners so that performance suffers.
  • We will always be up.

Our user experience is delightful

  • We help users find and understand the data that is relevant to them.
  • We will never tell a user to read the manual.
  • We will never let user experience suffer to make our lives easier.
  • We will always continue to improve the user experience.

Our charts and tables communicate the data correctly AND look fantastic

  • Our automated charts are of tailor-made quality.
  • Our data views hold all the information needed to understand the data.
  • We always convey data providers, sources, units, URLs for further info, licenses, titles, legends, selections and other metadata.

We respect our customers

  • We will always strive to make our customers happy.
  • We will always be straight with our customers.

We help you fall in love with data!

You can download the poster in PDF format here.