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Das offene Portal für Tausende von Datensets von führenden weltweiten Anbieter.
Forschen, Ihre eigene Daten hochladen, attraktive Grafiken
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The data you need
- at your fingertips

DataMarket brings complex and diverse data together so you can search, visualize and share data in one place and one format

Find the numbers you need, in reports or in-house or third-party datasets. Get your point across by rendering your data in beautiful charts in just one click. Deliver dynamic, branded content to your team, clients or website.

  • Data Hub

    Our data hub helps enterprises understand their business environment, with syndicated, proprietary and public data always at users fingertips.

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  • Data Delivery Engine

    Our data delivery engine enables market research firms and other information publishers to deliver data more efficiently and make it more valuable to their customers.

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  • Open Data Portal

    Erkunden Sie Tausende von Datensets von führenden weltweiten Anbieter, hochladen Sie Ihre eigene Daten, erstellen Sie attraktive Grafiken und Reports in Sekundenschnelle.

    Daten erkunden

Contact our sales team. With a few hours notice we can even give you a live demo using your own data!


"We’re excited about DataMarket’s Enterprise solution as a new interactive and visual tool to analyze our research data"
Carl Howe, VP of Data Sciences Research Yankee Group
"Impressive and interesting."
The Guardian, technology blog
"Thanks […] for finding, cleaning, and making data available for the world to use."
Naomi Robbins, Forbes
"With DataMarket doing the hard work of pulling the facts and data from reliable sources, the job is eased to a large extent for anyone on the lookout for useful information."


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Presentation at WARC

Presentation given by Hjalmar Gislason, CEO of DataMarket at WARC 2014 in London, January 16, 2014

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Weight of DataMarket employees

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Brautskráningar á háskólastigi og doktorsstigi eftir einstöku sviði, prófgráðu og kyni 1995-2012

Aktualisiert:21. Aug. 2014 11:10
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Brautskráningar á framhaldsskólastigi eftir einstöku sviði, próftegund og kyni 1995-2012

Aktualisiert:21. Aug. 2014 11:10
Quelle:Statistics Iceland

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